Contributor Expectations

What to Expect

Contributor Obligations:

Here's how to crush your promotion:

This site has everything you need to grow your list, add value to your tribe and make money with the biggest Podcast Giveaway ever created.

Inventory Your Audience

Contributors should have a responsive list of at least 3,000 email subscribers and a social media following of at least 3,000 followers.

A Relevant Gift

Provide a valuable resource (minimum $200 value) - a mini-program or a training (not a lead magnet that you normally give away for free) for participants in one of the giveaway categories

Minimum $200 Value

This course, program or training must be valued at over $200, but set to be FREE for giveaway participants.

Promote the Giveaway

Each contributor is required to send 3 solo emails to their full list during the promotional period, minimum of 3 social media posts and host one FB Live or Interview of your own to promote the giveaway.

Branded Opt-In Page

Each contributor is required to provide a link to your own gift opt-in page (branded with the giveaway banner), along with your bio, headshot, graphics for your gift and enticing description at least 7 days prior to promotion.

Paid Offers After 10 Days

No paid offers until 10 days after the Giveaway

Ultimate Podcasting Giveaway Support

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