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Role, position or title


What makes this listener specifically unique


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Who They Are

Which demographics do you target? [8307]

[if 8307 like=”Location”]

Location: [8303]

[/if 8307] [if 8307 like=”Sex”]

Sex: [319]

[/if 8307] [if 8307 like=”Marital Status”]

Marital Status: [422]

[/if 8307] [if 8307 like=”Age”]

Age: [318]

[/if 8307] [if 8307 like=”Education”]

Education: [431]

[/if 8307] [if 8307 like=”Ethnicity”]

Ethnicity: [350]

[/if 8307] [if 8307 like=”Finances”]

Financially Secure: [347]

Net Worth: [427]

[/if 8307]
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Where They Belong

Industry, Niche or Specialty: [8305]

Occupation: [430]

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Why They Need You

What problem are they trying to solve? [676]

How do they evaluate success?: [208]

What will the result be if they stay in their current situation?: [735]

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What They Need

How do you solve their problem? What product or service? [8306]

What are the things that your buyers cannot do or learn on their own? [8273]

One thing people tell us they are confused about my industry) is? [8274]

What are the top 3 most Frequently Asked Questions about your product or service? [8275]

What is the biggest error made by this audience? [8276]

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Listener Notes

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